There are sound neurological reasons storyboarding works for some of us. It literally probes the deepest recesses of the creative mind. How?


A human brain is a mysterious thing and as a writer I’m always looking for ways to push inside my unconscious, to lift the veil between what I know on the outside and what my heart and mind know about my story on the inside. I’m trying to enter “the flow”. Even though I’m no great shakes as an artist drawing a scene is a powerful tool to lead me through the curtain into “the understory”. — READ MORE —

Recently I had the chance to speak with Candlewick Press editor Kaylan Adair.

Kaylan has edited a number of outstanding middle-grade novels including Down Sand Mountain by Steve Watkins, Small As An Elephant by Jennifer Richard Jacobson and the upcoming Garden Princess by Kristin Kladstrup.  She was even the American editor of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, a novel that straddles that tricky YA/Middle-grade line. — READ MORE —

Kellar_levitation_posterWe’ve all seen the act. The magician waves his wand over the prone body of his lovely assistant and suddenly she rises, suspended in mid-air. He sweeps a hoop across her. “See? No wires!”

And we believe. The woman is floating. The magician is MAGIC.

Rationally we know this cannot be true. There’s no such thing as magic. Women don’t float. But still…

That’s the power of fiction. The power to suspend disbelief. — READ MORE —


Would you cross a black cat’s path to get to a wonderful book?

Tami Lewis Brown writes daring books for dangerous readers. SOAR, ELINOR! is the true story of pioneer pilot Elinor Smith, and THE MAP OF ME is a middle-grade novel about two sisters, one stolen car, and a whole flock of chickens.

There are loads of fun, daring, and dangerous things to do on this website. Explore 365 Fabulous Feats of Female Flying… one amazing achievement for every day of the year HERE. Download a free Women’s History Month Activity Kit for your class, troop or reading group. Watch trailers for Soar, Elinor! and The Map of Me. Plus find a whole lot more, on every page.

Think… Explore… And READ DANGEROUSLY!

I had an AMAZING time at my favorite bookstore, Politics & Prose. Even though we had torrential rain in Washington well over 100 children and adults braved the weather and came out to hear me talk about Soar, Elinor! and my hero Elinor Smith. Thanks Blessed Sacrament and Capitol Hill Day School!!! You SOAR!

One student asked if Elinor ever crashed her plane and I promised to post this picture-

Thankfully Elinor walked away from this crash unhurt. The plane was repaired and she flew it again.

I also told students about Elinor’s funny cat. Here’s a picture of her with him. She’d just returned home after setting an endurance record- flying for over 26 hours without landing. Doesn’t she look tired? Her best friend is on her lap in this photo, wearing her flight goggles!

Thanks everyone for coming out yesterday! It was wonderful to meet you all.

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