Bessica Raiche On Wings Of Gold And Diamonds

October 13, 1910 The Aeronautical Society awarded Bessica Raiche a winged medal fashioned of gold and diamonds in recognition of “the nation’s first intentional solo by a woman.”  Their wording was very specific because Blanche Scott had piloted a plane that accidentally left the ground twenty days before Raiche’s flight. Raiche later said “”Blanche deserved the recognition, but I got more attention because of my lifestyle. I drove an automobile, was active in sports like shooting and swimming, and I even wore riding pants and knickers. People who did not know me or understand me looked down on this behavior. I was an accomplished musician, painter and linguist, I enjoyed life, and just wanted to be myself.”

Check out Jessica McDonald’s one-woman play Flying Solo: The Remarkable Bessica Raiche at the Midway Village Museum website.