The Map Of Me

The note on the fridge says, “I HAVE TO GO.”

But where is Momma now?

Twelve-year-old Margie is convinced she knows the answer. Momma didn’t run away—she ran to the Rooster Romp at the International Poultry Hall of Fame, in search of a deluxe limited-edition Henny Penny Coin Canister to add to her precious flock of chicken memorabilia. And it’s up to Margie to bring her home, coin canister and all. Margie has no choice but to “borrow” her Daddy’s Faithful Ford, kidnap her nine-year-old sister, Peep, and take to the open road.

On a long, rainy night, as she winds through the back roads of Kentucky with smarty-pants Peep criticizing her every move, Margie also travels along the highways and byways of her heart, mapping a course to Momma—and herself.

The Map Of Me is published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux and is now available as an e-book.

Reviews & Accolades

“Upon opening the cover of this slim gem of a novel, I was immediately drawn in by Margie’s authentic and forceful voice… Brown’s straightforward prose, short chapters, and engaging narrator are perfect for reluctant readers ages 9 to 12.” – Ingram Reviews For The Youth Librarian

“Brown’s first novel, following her picture book debut, Soar, Elinor! (2010), combines pathos and humor for an emotionally resonant story… Margie (is) as sympathetic a criminal as any in children’s literature.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Feeling invisible and inferior to her brainy younger sister Peep, Margie Tempest discovers what she’s made of when she bravely takes her father’s car and, with her sister a protesting passenger, sets off to find their mother who has suddenly left… An adventure with a heart.”– Kirkus

“I love this story. I felt like I was in the car with Margie and Peep, so strong was their yearning, so big were their hearts, so urgent was their mission.” —Kathi Appelt, Newbery Honor Award winning author of THE UNDERNEATH

“A wonderful book. I love stories where children find the courage to teach the adults what they need to know.” – Patricia MacLachlan, Newbery Award winning author of SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL

“It is beautiful. Margie’s voice is hers, but her feelings are universal. Who among us has never felt the sting of not being good enough or the green pang of watching a sibling favored? Margie’s on a Don Quixote quest, hopeless and love torn.” – Catherine Linka, Children’s Book Buyer, The Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeehouse