We Really Do Care

“I care about you. Do you care about me?”

A little boy has a ball. It’s his, and he really doesn’t care if nobody else has a ball. He’s not sharing.

He’s not sharing his pets either. Or his family. Especially not his brother.

But then he realizes that both he and the new little girl he meets–the one who’s all alone without a ball or a pet or a family of her own–are actually quite similar. And when he sees their similarities instead of their differences, he’s happy to share. Even his little brother.

With gentle text from Tami Lewis Brown and sweet illustrations from Tania de Regil, this poignant and touching picture book challenges each and every one of us to lend a helping hand. Because we really should care.

Reviews & Accolades

We Really Do Care is a song for our times, and a beautiful read about empathy to share with your kids.” – Kiara Koenig

“We Really Do Care is a fantastic way to teach empathy not just to kids but the adults who’d probably read it. Showcasing different marginalized kids while using a colorful palette with dynamic poses and with a prose that’s accessible and emphatic in the message against selfishness and pro-acceptance.” – GoodReads