Caring People Are Out There

If you look for kindness and caring around you you will find it.

And you can be a force for caring and kindness if you chose to be.

Case in point– electrician John Kinney. Kinney was summoned to what he thought was a routine house call. When he arrived at 72 year old Gloria Scott’s home he found much more trouble than a simple light switch on the fritz. The house had decades of deferred maintenance, with no hot water, clogged glutters, a bad roof, a broken chimney… the problems went on and on. When Mr. Kinney got home after making the electrical repair he couldn’t get Ms. Scott and her dangerous house out of his mind. He was worried about Gloria’s safety and he cared enough to do something about it.

John Kinney didn’t just fix broken things around Gloria Kinney’s property. He and the massive team of building pros he brought together through a Facebook group called Gloria’s Gladiators reassembled Gloria’s life. They’ve raised lots of money, donations of building materials and food for volunteers. Even more exciting they’re inspiring others all over the country to reach out to neighbors in need to share a meal, to make a repair, or to give support. To care.

What the world needs now? More like John Kinney. Friends who care. You can read more about John and Gloria’s story here.

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