365 Female Flying Feats

Ruth Law Delivers The Goods

April 4, 1919 Ruth Law flew the first airmail to the Philippines. Law had purchased her first plane from Orville Wright in 1912 and operated the Ruth Law Air Show. When WWI broke out she was the first woman authorized to wear an American military uniform. Law made a personal appeal to President Woodrow Wilson… Read more »

Adrienne Bollard Was No April Fool!

April 1, 1921 Adrienne Bollard, test pilot for the French airplane manufacturer Caudron, flew over the Andes Mountains in an open cockpit biplane. She skimmed the tops of mountains in bitter cold, thin air at an altitude of 14,750 feet, the top of her plane’s range. The French Consul refused to attend her landing celebration… Read more »

Wendy Lawrence Swings From A Star

March 31, 1992 NASA selected Wendy Lawrence as an astronaut. Like her father and grandfather, Lawrence served as a naval aviator. After becoming an astronaut she was appointed NASA’s director of operations at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia and flew four Space Shuttle missions, with a total of 1225 hours in… Read more »

Bonnie Tiburzi In The Cockpit

March 30, 1973 Bonnie Tiburzi became the first female pilot for a major U.S. airline when she was hired by American Airlines. Some reacted with hostility. After her first flight a sign that read MALE CREW MEMBERS ONLY was posted on the crew lounge door. But underneath a supporter had penciled “And Bonnie, too!” Tiburzi… Read more »

Patty Wagstaff Flies Upside Down

March 29, 1994 Patty Wagstaff’s death defying aerobatics plane the Goodrich Extra 260 went on permanent display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Wagstaff’s father was a pilot for Japan Airlines but she didn’t learn to fly until she was an adult living in a remote part of Canada accessible only by air. In… Read more »

Happy Birthday Marina Mikhailovna Raskova

March 28, 1912 Marina Mikhailovna Raskova, the “Russian Amelia Earhart” was born.She joined one of the all female Soviet air regiments during WWII and became the first woman navigator in the Soviet Air Force. She taught flying at Zhukovskii Air Academy and set many speed and endurance records. Her goal had been to become an… Read more »

Elsie MacGill Stirs Up A Hurricane

March 27, 1905 Elsie MacGill was born. Known as the “Queen of the Hurricanes” MacGill was the first female aircraft designer. Her mother had been the first woman judge in Canada and a strong advocate of women’s right to vote. She said “I have received many engineering awards, but I hope I will also be… Read more »

Around The World With CarolAnn Garrett and Carol Foy

March 26, 2009 The National Aeronautical Association honored CarolAnn Garrett and Carol Foy for accomplishing “one of the most memorable aviation events of 2008.”  Garrett and Foy had circled the globe in nine days flying a Mooney, a plane no larger than a Volkswagen.

Barbara Harmer Goes Supersonic

March 25, 1993 Former beautician Barbara Harmer qualified to fly the Concorde and became the first female supersonic commercial pilot. Harmer was one of only forty female pilots employed by British Airways and its only woman Concorde pilot. She had been one of a tiny handful of pilots, male or female, the airline selected for… Read more »

Honoring Elinor Smith

March 24, 2001 Elinor Smith was inducted into the International Women in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame. Her salute begins “Elinor Smith was a record breaking pilot who did everything with a flourish.” The Hall of Fame is operated by the Women In Aviation, International, an organization that promotes aviation careers for women. Mary Barr,… Read more »