365 Female Flying Feats

Wedding Bells Chime For Amelia Earhart

February 7, 1927 Amelia Earhart married publisher and promoter George Putnam. Having successfully published Charles Lindbergh’s biography, Putnam “discovered” Earhart and vowed to make her into a “Lady Lindy”. Their turbulent marriage was portrayed in the film AMELIA. l. to r. Amelia, George and Elinor Smith, at banquet honoring Smith, courtesy of Smith family

Emily Hanrahan conquers the frontier

February 6, 1958 Emily Hanrahan took her first flying lesson. By August she’d earned her pilot’s license, even though she had yet to qualify for a driver’s license. Hanrahan built up her flight hours and complex aircraft ratings, and in 1972 she applied to fly for Frontier Airlines, becoming the first US woman pilot at… Read more »

Soar Evelyn Sharp!!!

February 4, 1935 Sixteen-year-old Evelyn Sharp earned her pilot’s license. By age 18 she became the youngest person to hold a commercial license. A flight instructor and barnstormer, Sharp was the first female air mail pilot.

What A Relief- Ruth Nichols To The Rescue

February 2, 1940 Record breaking pilot Ruth Nichols became Executive Director of Relief Wings, a humanitarian air service for disaster relief. When WWII broke out, Relief Wings became part of the Civil Air Patrol and Nichols became a lieutenant colonel in the CAP. After the war she organized a mission in support of UNICEF and… Read more »

Don’t Stop Mildred Hemmons Carter!

February 1, 1941 Mildred Hemmons Carter earned her pilot’s license. Carter entered the Tuskegee Institute at age 15, receiving a degree in Business and becoming the first woman to graduate from the elite Cadet Pilot Training Program. However, when she applied to Jackie Cochran to enter the WASPs she was turned away on the grounds… Read more »

Elinor Smith Soars To Her First Endurance Record

January 30, 1929 In temperatures bitter enough to freeze her hot chocolate, Elinor Smith took off from Mitchel Field. She flew on until a broken stabilizer forced her to land, but set a new women’s endurance record of 13 hours, 16 minutes, and 45 seconds. She was only 17 years old.

Anne Morrow, the “other” Lindbergh Soars

January 29, 1930 Memoirist, poet, and pilot Anne Morrow Lindbergh became the first woman to earn a First Class Glider License, soaring from Mount Soledad to La Jolla Shores in San Diego, California. Lindbergh later wrote ” In that airy quietness … I would think until I found … Something lying on the ground, In… Read more »

Remembering The Crew Of The Space Shuttle Challenger

January 28, 1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger broke up 73 seconds after lift off, killing all seven crew members including including mission specialist Judith Resnick and the first Teacher In Space Christa McAuliffe. Also on board were Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, and Gregory Jarvis. The cause of the disaster was a… Read more »

Jessie Wood Suspends Disbelief Dangling In Midair

January 27, 1909 Pioneer aviatrix Jessie Woods was born. Along with her husband, Woods founded the Flying Aces Air Circus. She was the star performer, walking on the wings, parachuting from the cockpit and dangling by her knees from a ladder suspended in midair.