365 Female Flying Feats

Controversial Flier Park Kyung-won

January 25, 1927 Park Kyung-won earned her pilot’s license, becoming the first female civilian pilot in Korea. In 2005, Blue Swallow, a film based on her life, was released in South Korea. The movie raised protests because it alleged Park Kyung-won had been pro-Japanese.

Where are the pin up boys?

January 24, 1998 Over protests by feminist groups the Pentagon reinstated the practice of decorating aircraft fuselages with provocative paintings pin up girls. The British Ministry of Defense banned pin up “nose art” in 2007.

Dorothy Rungeling Hits The Top

January 23, 1958 Dorothy Wetherald Rungeling became the first woman in Canada to earn an Air Transport License, the highest level in aviation.  Known as “The Flying Housewife” Rungeling wrote newspaper columns about aviation and flight safety and taught aviation to Girl Guides.

Willa Brown Flies High

January 22, 1906 Willa Brown, the first African-American woman pilot licensed in the United States was born. Her mentor Bessie Coleman had been licensed in France. Brown learned to fly in 1934 and married pilot Cornelius Coffey two years later. She was the federal coordinator of the Chicago unit of the Civil Air Patrol civilian… Read more »

Bernetta Adams Miller Down Down down…

January 20, 1913 Bernetta Adams Miller attempted a women’s altitude record, taking off from Garden City, New York. In the era of the biplane, Miller had previously been the first person to demonstrate a monoplane to the United States Army. Unfortunately, Miller’s altitude attempt failed when her plane’s oil gauge broke, obscuring her vision.

Nadeshda Degtereva- Dressed Like A Man, Flew Like a Woman

January 1915 Though she had no pilot’s license, during WWI Nadeshda Degtereva disguised herself as a man and flew missions on the Galician front, performing reconnaissance against the Austrians. Degtereva became a national hero when she was injured in combat and discovered to be a woman.

Stinson Sisters Build An Airport

January 18, 1916 Katherine and Marjorie Stinson build their own airport in San Antonio, Texas, and operated a flight school there with brothers Eddie and Jack as mechanics. Katherine was already a famous stunt pilot, the first woman to perform a loop. Marjorie had followed in her sister’s flying footsteps, and in 1915 was the… Read more »

China Welcomes Women Pilots

January 17, 1984 China’s Civil Aviation Flight College recruited its first female students. Although Chinese women had been trained as military pilots since 1949 no women had been trained to fly commercial flights. The school did not accept women for helicopter training until 2009.