Connect with Caring kids Around the world

We may eat different foods, celebrate different holidays and speak different languages but inside kids around the world are all the same. Empatico is a global movement to spread kindness and empathy through the world by connecting kids and classrooms and sharing our similarities and differences.

Nearly 25,000 educators in 141 countries have already registered. And it’s FREE!

Would your class like to learn more and perhaps make new friends in a different part of the world through Empatico? You can find out more on Empatico’s website. All you have to do is sign your class up on their website, watch a short video, choose a partner class and set up your exchange. It’s easy!

Empatico has designed loads of fun and educational activities to share what makes you and the place you live different and the same as the rest of the world. Check out their modules on introductions, foods, mapping and more.