As a former school librarian and writer-in-residence I love visiting scout troops, bookclubs, libraries and schools, and working with young readers and writers. Here are some of my presentations:

Soar With Skype

All Ages – (FREE! 20 minute visit, ask about my rates for a 45 minute visit)

In 1911, most little girls played hopscotch and jacks but Elinor Smith wanted more. Her grit and determination inspired me to soar as a pilot and a writer. Come fly with me with this free Skype visit! Ideal for scout troop badge work. Contact me for technical and logistical requirements.

Charting The Map Of Me (and you!)

Grades K-8
(30 minutes for younger grades, 1 to 4 hour writing workshop for older students This program can be expanded to a residency with exercises, presentations, and readings spread across several days.)

Everyone has a story to tell. I mined memories of growing up in Kentucky when I wrote THE MAP OF ME. We’ll all uncover memories to discover our own epics, then draft beginnings, middles, and ends. The result? Personal memoirs, shorts stories, and the beginnings of novels.

The Thrill Of The Chase

Grades 2-5
(1 hour) Research isn’t just educational. It’s a thrill uncovering clues and learning the true story. I’ll share my journey researching the life of Elinor Smith- from the Smithsonian archives to 3000 feet up in the wild blue yonder- as I created the picture book biography SOAR, ELINOR!
This presentation can be expanded to a full day biography/women’s history project. Students examine primary sources, conduct mock interviews, prepare an outline, and write a short biography.

Shoot For The Record

Grades 2-5
(1 hour) Elinor Smith set aviation records for altitude and endurance, many of which still stand today. We’ll follow the process Elinor used- evaluating the risks, weighing the benefits, preparing for the task, and accomplishing her goal, and apply these lessons to challenges today’s kids face. I’ll present other world records set by children and students will write their own record setting press releases.

Chase Your Dreams

For Teens and Adults
(1 hour) You’ve always dreamed of writing for children but how do you get started? There are free resources and insider advantages to jumpstart your career as a children’s writer. I’ll lead you on a lively tour of what’s available on line, where to find a critique group, how to submit a manuscript to agents and editors, and how to cope with rejection- and success!

How Do You Know When It’s Ready To Go?

For Teens and Adults
(45 Minutes) Nearly everyone has a great idea for a children’s book but that doesn’t mean everyone can produce a polished manuscript and make a sale. Avoid novice mistakes and put your best foot forward by following my tips for developing manuscripts that are too good to be ignored.
Occasionally groups have specific needs. I’m happy to tailor a presentation to your group’s interests. Just ask.


Free! 20 minutes Skype visits

I charge a fee for live presentations and 45 minute Skype visits however I offer a sliding scale based on need, so don’t be afraid to ask!
If you’re booking a live visit and you’re located outside the Washington DC or Burlington VT area I must charge travel expenses– but I’m on the road all the time. Ask if you can combine your event with others to lower the cost.

Every student who participates will receive a free bookmark. If you wish I can arrange discounted book sales and I’ll sign and personalize books.